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  • About GTSE

  • History & Objective

  • GOAL where dream of success made real, was created in 1997. It is not just an institution but plays leading role in manpower and confidence building with co-ordinative system and structural programs of its own type in nation. GOAL is amply supported by a group of Doctors Medicos and IITians.

    The GTSE was established by the GOAL Institute in the year 2011 with a view to bringing above qualitative improvement in student of Bihar. GOAL Talent Search Exam (GTSE) provide identification to talented students and award them with rewards.

    GOAL Institute designs specific tests to recognize the temperament and potential of students for Medical/Engg. The aspirant’s performance in these tests gives a clear cut graph which helps to create an appropriate environmental condition as well as level of input up to which the requirement can be fulfilled in order to taste success in every stream of Medical/Engg. Entrance Tests.

    It is not easy to get through the acid test of entrance for admission in a edical/Engg. Institute because some of the Medical/ Engg. paper have gone through some subtle changes, in last few years. GOAL has launched a terrific mission to fulfill the needs of the preparatory students who aspire to get admission in Medical / Engg. concerned exams. After going through their ward’s performance, parents can meet to the specialists (Mentor) and Director for the better strategy of their wards for coming exams.

    GOAL provides a congenial learning environment for its students. An open friendly interaction gives the students just the right platform to launch their career successfully. In your search for success you will find GOAL an able partner who is willing to go further to ensure your career, a friend who can help you to achieve the success you have in always dreamt of.

What is GTSE

  • Your First Step Towards Competition :

  • GOAL Talent Search Exam popularly known as GTSE among the students is uniquely esigned program to provide the students their very first experience towards competition. Organized by GOAL Institute the program provides a national platform for student to Enrol, Examine and Excel.

  • Who Are Eligible :

  • Students currently studying in any Classes 8th, 9th 10th, 11th (Science)and 12th (Science)

  • Advantages to Students :

  • National Platform to Examine.
  • Relative Performance measure.
  • Rank on national level.
  • Detailed report on performance.
  • Guidance and me ntor ship by experts.

Advantages to Parents :

  • Test your ward’s competitive performance.
  • Detailed report with strong and weak points
  • Guidance by experts

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