1. What is the purpose of GTSE?

Ans. GTSE is a CSR activity of GOAL through which the organization is helping thousands of ignited minds to achieve their Goal. GTSE is uniquely designed to provide students their very first experience towards competition. It provides a competitive platform for students to Enroll, Examine & Excel. The main purpose of GTSE is to bring early competitive awareness among students.

2. What are the advantages students can get from GTSE?

Ans. a. It helps students to assess their merit on large scale of competition and boost the confidence through winning various prizes.

  1. Competitive platform to Examine.
  2. Relative performance Measurement
  3. Rank among thousands of students of their respective class
  4. Detailed report on performance
  5. Guidance & mentorship of expertsWinning prizes and awards
  6. Winning upto 100% scholarship in GOAL’s courses.

3. When GTSE Started?

Ans. 2009

4. What are the achievements of GTSE so far?

Ans. To name few find some of the toppers of GTSE

Thousands of GTSE participants have succeeded in various competitions like IIT, Medical, etc.

Some of them are

  1. Kavita Kant is studying in AIIMS, Patna
  2. Keshav Prasoon is studying at IIT, Mumbai
  3. Prerna is studying in Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi
  4. Shambhu Kumar is studying in IIT, Mumbai
  5. Shivanshu Sinha is studying in VMMC, New Delhi and many more

5. How GTSE is different from other talent search exam conducted by various other organisation?

Ans. a. We conduct the Exam in competitive approach

  • It is a Single day Exam
  • Conducted Same time
  • Single paper Exam
  • Conduction of Main Exam at neutral venue like competition.
  • The purpose of GTSE is not merely data collection but bringing early competitive awareness among students

b. We don’t compel students to take admission is GOAL’s Courses. This is upto their own willingness.

c. We offer prizes without any condition according to their merit. 

6. Why GOAL take fee for GTSE as many of other institute does not take?

Ans. a. GOAL take fee for GTSE as many of other institute does not take because we try to maintain similar condition like other competitive exams. So we charge a symbolic amount.

  1. Taking some money makes students more sincere for the preparation of GTSE and they promptly appear in Exam.
  2. Taking money isolates sincere students from non sincere students. In this way we avoid nuisance in exam by non sincere students.
  3. Spending money makes student accountable for GTSE & Career.

7. Student of which class can participate in GTSE?

Ans. Students studying in Class 6 to 12 from any recognised board/School can participate in GTSE.

8.  What is the mode of Exam for GTSE?

Ans. It is a two level exam. Stage 1 (Pre) is conducted online and the stage 2 (Mains) exam is conducted offline in all zonal headquarters of Bihar & Jharkhand and some selected cities of Chhattisgarh, West Bengal and Odisha.

9. How many Exams are conducted in GTSE?

Ans. Two exams are conducted. Stage 1 (Pre) is conducted online and the stage 2 (Mains) exam is conducted offline.

10. What is the pattern of GTSE?

Ans.   Objective type of questions with negative scoring and very similar to competitive exam.

11. Is there negative marking in GTSE?

Ans. Yes, there is negative marking in GTSE. A student is awarded 4 marks for correct answer and 1 mark is deducted for wrong answer and 0 marks for left questions.

12. How many Questions are asked in GTSE?

Ans. For class 6,7 & 8 (Science - 50, Maths – 30, IQ – Based – 20, Total 100 questions & Time allotted is 2hrs.)

For class 9 & 10 (Physics- 20, Chemistry – 20, Maths – 20, Biology – 20, IQ – Based – 20, Total 100 questions & Time allotted is 2hrs.)

For class 11 & 12 (Physics- 30, Chemistry – 30, Maths/Biology – 30, IQ – Based – 10, Total 100 questions & Time allotted is 2hrs.)

13.  Questions are asked in which language?

Ans. For class 6 – 10, the language of question paper will be bilingual, both in Hindi & English medium AND for class 11/12, the language of question paper will be in English medium ONLY.

14. What is the core syllabus of GTSE?

Ans.   Current & previous class NCERT syllabus for all classes.

15.  Does a student required to get admission in GOAL for availing the benefit?

Ans. No, Laptop, Tab, Wrist watch, etc are given to students based on their performance without getting admission in GOAL and additionally if a student enrolls in GOAL’s classroom courses they can get scholarships upto 100% in tuition fee also.  

16. Through which mode student can fill up the form? From where online and offline form can be filled?

Ans. Students can fill the GTSE forms online by visiting www.gtse.in by filling their details and making a online payment of Rs. 200/- or can visit any of their GOAL centres to fill in offline mode.

17.  What is the cost of application form? Is the cost appropriate?

Ans. The cost of GTSE is Rs. 200/- and the fee is quite less in terms of benefit given to students as well as the expenses incurred in conducting GTSE.

18.  In how many states GTSE is conducted and what are the names of those states?

Ans. GTSE is conducted in 5 states and their names are Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal & Odisha.

19. What are the Awards & Rewards students get from GTSE?

Ans. Laptop, Tab, Wrist watch, bags, etc are given to students based on their performance without getting admission in GOAL and additionally if a student enrolls in GOAL’s classroom courses they can get scholarships upto 100% in tuition fee also.

20. What is the name of zone headquarters where GTSE Main Exam is conducted?

Ans. Patna, Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga, Gaya, Bhagalpur, Purnia, Ranchi, Dhanbad, Deoghar, Jamshedpur, Daltonganj, Raipur, Bhilai, Siliguri, Bhubaneshwar and Rourkela.

21. Where is the Seminar/Webinar organised?

Ans.   The Seminar/Webinar is organized in all zonal headquarters, where GTSE would be conducted.

22. From where students can get the GTSE result?

Ans. GTSE results is announced in Seminars/Webinars organized at zonal Head quarters and OR can be accessed on our website gtse.in.

23. Upto what time the score of GTSE is valid for availing the advantage of Scholarship in Goal’s Courses?

Ans. For session 2022-23.

24.  What is the date of GTSE?

Ans.   Stage 1 (Pre)-27th November, 2022 & Stage 2 (Mains)-11th December, 2022.

25. Can be date extended?

Ans. Dates may be extended on students, parent and Schools demand. I this case final decision of Goal management is considered

26. What are the subjects from which GTSE questions are asked?

Ans. For class 6,7 & 8 (Science, Maths & IQ – Based)

For class 9 & 10 (Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology & IQ – Based) For class 11 & 12 (Physics, Chemistry, Maths/Biology)

27.  What is the total mark of GTSE Question paper?

Ans. Total Marks of GTSE Question Paper – 400marks.

28. Can students appear in Exam from their own school? If no then why?

Ans. No, for the neutral competitive assessment of students the GTSE exam is conducted at a neutral centres. 

29.  What is the full form of GTSE?

Ans. The full form of GTSE is GOAL Talent Search Exam.

30.  Why school should promote students to participate in GTSE? What are the advantages of School if the students participate in GTSE?

Ans. a. To test the talent on large scale.

b. To promote students perform and getting awards & rewards based on their merit.

c. The school name and achievements are announced in seminar and the portal f GTSE.

31. Can students avail the facility of GOAL Education Village through GTSE?

Ans. Students of GTSE can avail the benefit of GOAL Village by appearing in one more exam GVET- GOAL village entrance Test.

32. Can students participate in GTSE without paying registration fee?

Ans. The School authorities can recommend top 5 students from each class on their letter head and such students can appear for free.

33. Is there any tie-up or association of GTSE 23 with any media house?

Ans. Prabhat Khabar is media partner in Bihar and no media partner in Jharkhand.

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