GTSE Main Exam Answerkey
GTSE Main Exam (24-12-2023) Question & Answer Key
 GTSE Main Exam Class-6 24-12-2023
 GTSE Main Exam Class-7 24-12-2023
 GTSE Main Exam Class-8 24-12-2023
 GTSE Main Exam Class-9 24-12-2023
 GTSE Main Exam Class-10 24-12-2023
 GTSE Main Exam Class-11 24-12-2023
 GTSE Main Exam Class-12 24-12-2023
Correction and Modification
Though every caution has been taken in preparing question and their answer of GTSE Main Exam, if you find any error in our question or answer or in both of them, then suggest the correct one with reference of book and explanation. Your suggestion will be sent to expert of respective subject and may be corrected in case of right claim. You can go either on the following two links
(i) and click on correction and modification button
(ii) mail us on
Mention the following details:
Class, Name, Roll No., Q. No., Subject-Phy, Chem, Reasoning, Bio/ Math, Contact No. and Explanation of the mistake.
Note: All the request will be accepted till 26-December-2023 till 11:59 PM.
No further request can be entertained in any cases after said time.
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